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Shanae's Champagne Cocktail

I've seen several champagne cocktail recipes and I always wanted to take out an ingredient. So I decided to create my own. This simple bubbly cocktail is perfect for your NYE party. Cheers!

Yield: 4 Glasses


  • Korbel Brut 750ml

  • 1/2 of a Bosc Pear

  • Orange Vodka ( I used Pinnacle Whipped Orange Vodka)

  • Fine Gold edible sugar 3.3 oz bottle


  1. Peel and slice the pear into small dices. Mix with some of the edible glitter. Make sure each little piece is covered. Spread pear bites on a plate and place in the freezer for 2 hours.

  2. In a small bowl pour a about 2 T of water. On a small plate pour out the remainder of the glitter. Place the rim of the glass into the water and then into glitter to get yourself a pretty rim job. (I hope you chuckled, I did typing it)

  3. Place small spoonful of pears in the bottom of each glass, then pour about an ounce of the vodka, and top with champagne.

  4. Enjoy!

Happy Planning :),



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