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Old Lamps, New Lamps

In October 2018, I purchased my first home! I was so excited and proud of myself for buying a home on my own. With that being said, buying a home is expensive and getting the home furnished and decorated is expensive as well. One way I've save money is taking the old, refreshing, and making it new.

My mother had these old lamps and side tables she was ready to throw away. I stepped right in to make these like new.

Place a drop cloth or old cardboard boxes. You want to clean the surface of the lamps and table legs before spray painting. I did three rounds of spray paint on the side tables and two coats for the lamps. Between each round I waited 30-45 mins. It's good to do this on a clear sunny day. Allow a few hours for the pieces to fully dry before placing them in your home.

I used two cans of the following



Happy Planning :),



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