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DIY: Wall Stickers

My home style is more a contemporary modern vibe. For my guest room I wanted a tropical relaxing atmosphere for my guest to enjoy when visiting. I was staring at this blank wall wanting something more than just artwork, so I decided to do a statement wall. I will tell right now that I thought this would be a quick project but it took some time placing each sticker properly.

What you will need:

  • Wall Stickers

  • Magic Eraser or dish rag

  • Squeegee

  • Patience

I purchased my wall stickers from Nutmeg Wall Stickers. They have a great variety of stickers, wallpaper, window decals, etc. The stickers were delivered in a cardboard roll so I would suggest unrolling them and stretching them out for a day or two.

1. Wipe your wall to remove any dirt or oil from the surface. You can use a slightly damp dish towel with a little soap or you could use the magic eraser. Make sure your wall is completely dry before placing the stickers.

2. Cut your stickers so you can easily place them on your statement wall.

3. Work from the outside of the wall in when placing your stickers. Remove the backing paper from the sticker. Place the sticker and smooth with your hands working from the middle. I personally placed all of my stickers before taking the transfer paper off from them.

4. Using your squeegee, work to push any air bubbles outwards working from the middle of each sticker. Remove the transfer paper. Take your time when you reach this step. Starting from the bottom of the sticker when removing your transfer paper and wiggle as you pull up.

5. Enjoy!

Happy Planning :),



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