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Asparagus Puff Pastry Bundles

When you are tired of roasted asparagus and want something different. These were delicious and so easy to make.

Yield: 12 Bundles


  • 1 bunch of asparagus with ends trimmed (My asparagus was small-medium sized)

  • Olive oil

  • Sea Salt and Pepper

  • 2 Sheets of thawed puff pastry

  • 8 Ounces of shredded Asiago cheese

  • 12 Slices of Roma tomatoes

  • 12 Slices of Honey Ham

  • 1 Egg Beaten with a splash of water


  1. Preheat oven to 425°F. Line a sheet pans with parchment paper. I used two sheet pans.

  2. On a floured surface, roll the puff pastry to about double the original size. Cut into 6 squares.

  3. Toss asparagus in olive oil, salt, and pepper.

  4. To make the bundles, start with one of your squares, place slice of honey ham folded in the middle of the square. Place a slice of tomato, followed up with 4-5 stalks of asparagus and a sprinkle of cheese. 

  5. Lift two opposite corners of the puff pastry squares and wrap them around the asparagus filling and press to seal.

  6. Brush puff pastry with egg wash. Sprinkle with more salt and pepper.

  7. Bake until puff pastry is golden and puffed, about 15 minutes. Serve immediately.

  8. Enjoy!

Happy Planning :),



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